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 We nurture all children with cerebral palsy and other special needs in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment through education, therapeutic intervention and community acceptance.

Why Flora's Trust Center?

At Flora’s Trust Center we offer an alternative daycare to families of children with special needs.
Our goal is to enhance children’s self esteem, socialisation and self efficacy while ensuring the safety of the child.
We provide learning and personalized care for children focusing on their special and individualized needs.

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Friendly & Welcoming

Flora’s Trust center is a friendly and Welcoming environment for your child.

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Individualized Care

Individual care is provided by qualified professional caregivers and aides, working together on site with physical, speech and occupational therapists.


Up to 24 hours per day

Flora’s Trust Center provides up to 24 hours per day, five days a week, Mondays to Fridays of nursing care and weekend care for children from birth to adulthood.

Our Vision

A world where children with special needs are nutured to recognize abilities and not disabilities, and learn together in a high quality inclusive environment.

Mission Statement

Guiding parents of children with cerebral palsy and other special needs, through the maze, bewilderment, joy and fulfilment of raising a child with cerebral Palsy. 



Complete Assesment


Individualized Therapy Goals


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FT founder

My name is Chikaodili Erma Ugochukwu, the founder of Flora’s Trust Center for children with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of motor disabilities in childhood,it affects at least 1.5 to 4 out of of every 1000 children worldwide. Flora’s Trust Center was inspired by the birth of my son Arinze, following his birth and diagnosis with cerebral palsy nineteen plus years ago, my experience led me to set up this center. I will like to use my life experience to enable others have the resources and facilities which I didn’t have when Arinze was born. I want to create for other children and their families the resources which I wish I had when my son Arinze was born and I realized the magnitute of what I was dealing with. At that time I was left confused and uncertain as to what to do with a child with complex medical needs.

Bewildered and lost, I quickly came to the realization that in the entire landscpe of Lagos, there were not enough facilities to care for these children who make up a significant number in our society.

As a result, parents of these children have no choice but to become primary care givers of their wards, rendering them poor and unable to provide for these children and indeed the whole family, as they are unable to continue to work and do business as no helpers are willing to look after these children in their homes. 

Meanwhile the needs of these children are enormous and complex, from anti seizure medications to long dependence on diapers,specialized therapies and other medical needs. Sadly, nineteen plus years later as the lone care giver of my son, I realize the overwhelming need for such centers located in Lagos where parents can drop off their children and go out to work,do business and run errands allowing them to resume some form of productiviy no matter how small.

Furthermore the centers will be able to provide all their medical care, specialized therapies and daycare under one roof as ferrying these children from one location to another is very difficult and prohibitive. These centers will quickly work out treatment and educational plans for each child, ensuring early intervention for each child which will give them a healthy start and better stretch in life. Children with cerebral palsy can be educated and can also be given vocational training to enable them become meaningful and useful members of the society. 

 Donate, support and partner with us today. 

We seek your support on all levels from personal to governmental, to create more centers for this community of children and individuals with special needs because centers for children with special and complex medical needs, where they can be cared for 24hours of the day are far and in-between. Also the parents of children with special needs become their primary caregivers for  years on end, resulting in loss of career, business and income. Furthermore many of these parents are widows or deserted by spouses because of their children’s conditions, and as a result have become very poor and indigent. In comparison, the needs and care of children and individuals with special needs are enormous. 

There are several ways you can help us; by providing medications,their medical care,specialized therapies, adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, bathchairs or by just giving the parents a break for a proper work and life balance. 

Every little help counts!

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Flora's Trust Center has been a lifesaver for me, I can now go to work and
rest assured that my daughter is getting the best care.
....... Mrs. Folorunsho

Thanks to Flora's Trust Center my child now has regular therapy
this wasn't possible before now because of her size,
carrying her around and my Job.
...........Mrs Adeyemi

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