Merry Christmas Dear Parents!

A Word of Encouragement and Peace to You All!

Merry Christmas to all our parents and families of children with special and complex medical needs.

This is a message of peace and encouragement to you all as another Christmas rolls around, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I wish to encourage all our parents. Yes our children because they have special needs might hold us back from that outing at the beach with family and friends or that party or get together because of the difficulty in going out with them, which entails so much packing and planning. But as parents to these miracles we know that the true gift is life, even though complex, physically draining, emotionally overwhelming and one that leaves us struggling to hold on to what is left of our sanity.

The true gift is when theysmile, when we see that sparkle in their eyes, and when we can feel their heartbeats .

Our children are gifts wrapped with unselfish sacrifice, dedication, compassion, patience, understanding and unconditional love.

So give yourselves grace and contentment, redefine your magical moments and find joyful things to do at home this season and embrace the everyday gift of life .
Happy Holidays Everyone.

Thanks to every Benefactor, Donor, Partner, family and friends who made this season magical for all our children with Special needs.

 Chikaodili 💕

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